Amazing display fireworks! Very impressed.

I’m very pleased with the show these guys put on for us at our event last week. Their display fireworks are amazing! We’re a communications agency so planning events is something we do all the time. When it comes to our own annual fundraiser however, things are always a bit different. One thing was for sure though, since this year was the fifteenth edition of the fundraiser we were really looking to make it spectacular. Since it was an important edition, our budget was expanded and we decided to contact Dynamic fireworks. I would recommend them to anyone planning an event now or in the future. The show they put on for us was breathtaking. I’ve been planning events for a solid fifteen years now, but this one got me as excited as a little kid. None of us really knew what display fireworks can do or how many options there were beforehand. We could not be happier. The colours were amazing, the whole preparation went seamless and it fit our event well. We were a bit worried about that beforehand, as it’s a fundraiser and we were not completely sure whether it was appropriate or not. The show had a very classy vibe to it. Our audience seemed to love it as well and we received a lot of positive feedback. All in all it was just fantastic. I would recommend this company to anyone who wants to add extra excitement to their party.

The display fireworks were really classy and personal.

Their customer service is something we really appreciated. We had a lot of questions before we really knew what we wanted as it was out first time with display fireworks. None of this was a problem for them. We got in contact with one of their employees who was responsible for designing these display fireworks shows. Since we did not really know where to start he showed us a couple of pre-designed displays that they often use for similar events, so we picked one and went from there. The amount of work these guys put in is second to none. Anything we wanted could get done. When I did not even know what I wanted myself, their representative figured it out for me. We really wanted to use our own music to accompany the display fireworks, since we use it in our promotional videos as well and it’s quite recognizable. They madeall of that that happen for us. You can really tell these people have a passion for fireworks. While planning the event our contact got almost as excited as we did. We were asked for input about colours, brightness, the order of certain elements in the show and more. Contact between us and the company was professional and even though there was quite some communication back and forth, they never bothered us or called without setting it up beforehand. They’re very nice to work with and we would definitely go for it again if we ever need display fireworks in the future.

Would recommend the company to everyone!

As I said above, the show was really amazing. They are such a joy to work with and we ended up getting exactly the show that I had in mind. They take their work very serious and were very professional through the whole planning process. My coworkers are still talking about the display fireworks show from time to time, it was really that exciting. If you’re planning an event, don’t hesitate and just give them a call.

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